Alejandro Molina (Tutor)

There have been so many bright minds that walk the halls of Legacy LA who just need a little push to succeed in life. It has become much more than a pastime for me after school, it has become a community I have been proud to help out with. I can see the effect this program is having on the kids, and I can say with every ounce of certainty that it is having a positive effect on their moods and academic futures. I have gotten the privilege to know them on a personal level and have seen how much they actually appreciate this time to hang out with friends while getting the homework they have to do done.

In my personal experience, tutoring has been a blast for me. I have gotten to see the younger generation get a better chance at a more productive future. I have made them laugh as much as I have helped them with their work. The balance has left a positive experience for both parties.