Through Our Eyes


Kathy Tran (Volunteer)

Having the opportunity to work on the “Through Our Eyes” project has been amazing. I have been leading the efforts in potentially getting the curriculum—which is a workshop that focuses on improving relationships between Ramona Gardens’ youth and local Community Safety Partnership (CSP) officers—approved by key leaders so that it will be a formal part of CSP officer training.

 Getting the curriculum adopted is a long-term goal; however, we’ve been making a lot of great progress thus far. In early February, the youth interns facilitated the first focus group with four CSP officers and 6 youth from the community where we tested the curriculum to get feedback for revision. We gained a lot of valuable information and we’re making our edits. Meanwhile, youth interns have been meeting with important stakeholders to explain the curriculum and garner citywide support. Momentum is building and I believe we have all the pieces in place to get this curriculum adopted – it has so much potential!