Parent Programming


Sandy Alcala (Volunteer)

The Parent Wellness Workshop started as an idea to involve the parents who already are coming to Legacy LA for the benefit of their kids. However, we want to eventually start having parents come in for the benefit of themselves. The central idea of the Parent's Wellness Workshop is to start the conversation on health topics that matter to the community. East Los Angeles communities have a high rate of obesity and this can be attributed not only to the low economic levels found within the city but also, the different health disparities found within the area and its residents. We want to educate and inspire parents to start thinking heavily about not only their health but the health of those around them.

Which bring us to Community Committee, a committee involved in findings ways to improve the environment as thus the lives of its residents.  Currently, we are in the process of creating more green space around the community of Ramona Gardens, by means of an alley beautification.  Several reports have indicated the benefit of added green space to not only the environment but its residents (such as decrease stress, increase safety, etc.).  The main goal of Legacy LA is to involve the community, more specifically the parents, to get involve and talk about the issues that truly matter. Only through conversation can changes occur.